Praxis is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted or practiced. (wikipedia) This word has been used for this section of the website, which holds and relates to the teaching part of my practice. I am an artist who teaches and who is undertaking research into the art practice/teaching praxis relationship. This section is open to contributions, which means that depending on your interest and inclinations you can log in - to take part.

Stage 2 Group 4

Stage 2 Tutor Group 4 is led by Katrine Hjelde and meets every Tuesday at 10.30 in DG13.


Talking Around Painting


Title: Talking around Painting

Tutor: Katrine Hjelde

Room: DG13

Dates: Fridays: 02, 16, 30th of November 2 -4 PM + exhibition visit to be agreed.