Abstract RNUAL Presentation

Constructing a Reflective Site: Making Knowledge/Teaching Knowledge in Fine Art

Outline of Research:

Making Knowledge/Teaching Knowledge is a Fine Art practice-based research project examining the relationship between art practice and teaching. It seeks to investigate the ways this relationship can be critical and transparent. This exploration takes place through the articulation of three sites: the practice site, the teaching site and what I call the intersection site. Through an examination of this intersection, there is a possibility of mapping out, observing and extending the relationship between practice and teaching. The final outcome will include a digital archive for this project holding the intersection site and outcomes of the research, including the written thesis.

Presentation Abstract:

‘Constructing a Reflective Site'
This presentation will focus on the notion of sites in my research, which constitute the methodological framework. This will be an analytical consideration of the construction of sites as a method to further develop and explore my understanding around the interrelationship between teaching as practice and art practice. This presentation thus explores what might be seen as the structural core of the overall project, as the notions of site and the sites themselves constitute the endeavour. The last of the sites I am constructing/exploring has the conditional title "intersection site" and this is the site that this presentation is situated within. This is also the site that may help me to articulate the other two sites and their interrelationship. Initially the sites were conceived as the following:
Practice Site - artistic practice: Investigating "visual understanding" - determining how, for instance, models of reflection in one's own studio practice can be developed theoretically and visually towards an applicable model for teaching in the educational studio.
Teaching Site - the institutional site: The institutional studio as a site of learning, which can be extended through a shared discourse inside and outside of the institution.
Intersection Site - constructing a critical link between teaching and practice:
How can an intersection site be constructed and used to facilitate a link between practice and teaching through for instance the use of digital technology in a way that is open, inclusive, transparent and facilitate interaction.

In this presentation I am looking at how I can use the Internet in general and more specifically the building/construction of a website to facilitate this exploration. From the building /construction of this website and through an evaluation of the different kinds of work that has constituted this project so far. The presentation will begin by introducing the overall research project and its aims before locating this project and by looking at how this exploration of sites will structure both this talk and my further practice. Finally I will look at how this exploration of a critical aspect of the research project and its findings has or will change and/or modify the project overall.